Best Practices for Corporate Website Design

Posted on 04. Jan, 2011 by in Website Design

Corporate website is definitely a different ballgame. The corporate website should effectively communicate business to the target audience. It should establish a winning corporate identity in the Internet medium, which sets it apart from the competitors.

You cannot flood it with fancy images, wacky fonts, characters, 3rd party free widgets, etc. Everything should be clean & perfect in order and you need to make sure that it represents the brand, which means you need to keep your creative impulse in check as far as possible.

Corporate website can have creative touches but they should not overshadow its corporate and professional appeal. It is basically all about maintaining a fine balance and nothing else.

Professional graphics, user-centered design, easy accessibility, quick navigation, effective information architecture, quick download across diverse web browsing environments and screen configurations, are just few areas wherein focus should be given while designing your site. By picking the right color, fonts, graphics, design and layout, you can outline the best appeal for your site, which will effectively promote your business venture online.

Now, if you are still finding it hard to get your grip on it, here are some tips that can help you make your life a little bit easy:

  • Have a Website Plan: Before you start working on a website design project, you need to make sure that the brand image of your company is clearly and precisely reflected in it. It will help you avoid last minute hurry.
  • Define Your Message: Message of your website has to be simple, straightforward yet strong. You can hire a freelance copywriter for this purpose. Message should be brief, accurate and interesting of course.
  • Style Guide: Chalk out a proper style guide and follow this:

- Intuitive User-Friendly Interface
- Smooth Navigation
- Easy Site Accessibility
- Powerful Information Architecture
- Functionality Across All Platforms & Browsers

  • Use Relevant Pictures: – Add only those pictures that speaks about your service or brand. Don’t go for the pictures which looks nice but does’t fit into your website content/theme.
  • Keep It Fresh: – When your website is done, you should not rest. You need to update it regularly, as it will help your website stand the test of time.

These quick tips should help you to work on your website revamp plan. If you need any assistance on your corporate website design, contact us.


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